Subtle Life Dynamics is a collaborative project about life skills. Its objective is to bring practical awareness to people about subtle energies and their relationship to everyday life experiences. Contained within this is the well established fact that everything in this world can be viewed in terms of energy. The implications of this reality are significant in regard to personal and professional progress and quality of life, in the realization that all human beings are able to affect energies consciously.

A Brief History

Developed by Henriette Maasdijk and Dr Gareth Thomas, both specialists and tutors in the field of subtle energy and inner development, Subtle Life Dynamics services have been developed to assist people in improving their overall life skills and experiences.

The two founders of Subtle Life Dynamics, having worked together for many years in this field , realised that there was a considerable need for a solid and practical approach to teaching subtle energy subjects to those interested in applying insights rather than theorising or just reading about them.

This need is now met through a number of courses designed for groups of people, health care or other professionals or those who just wish to enrich their lives.


  • The subtle life skills course: provides essential awareness, knowledge and experience of subtle energies and how this understanding can be used to enhance one’s personal & home life, work life and relationships. For more information please click here
  • Healthcare Dynamics is a course aimed at health care professionals. Self-care and personal well-being are important considerations, when caring for others. Qualities such as compassion, tolerance, resilience and understanding may also play an important role for all concerned. For more information please click here


  • The London Subtle Life Clinic is held in Central London and Richmond. It offers one to one sessions in subtle life therapies and runs a regular well-being group. Practitioners and group leaders are specialists in their field of work, with a minimum of 5 years professional training and over 15 years experience. The aim of the clinic is to assist and energetically  support people in their personal and working lives. For more information please click here